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Smallville 9.01 'Savior' and Dollhouse 2.01 'Vows'



- Not quite sure I understand everything that happened. But I'll roll with it.

- Did anyone else think some of the music sound very Batman-like?

- It's kinda cool to see Chloe desperately searching for Lois this time. lol And she called her Lo! It feels like it's been a long time since she said that. Or maybe that's just me.

- I've never really had any feelings either way about Dr. Hamilton but he's pretty cool.

- Oh the special effects. How I've missed your cheesy badness.

- Was the outfit Lois was wearing when she disappeared in Doomsday the same as the one she's wearing when she's zapped into the train? I can't remember. AND OMG ARE THOSE HER HANDS? THEY LOOK SO FREAKING TINY? Or were they stunt hands?

- I wonder how Alia (it's Alia, right?) was able to follow Lois back.

- The look on Clark's face when he first sees Lois! *sniff* AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

- OMG THEY USED THE ALMOST KISS IN THE CREDITS! So I actually HATE the almost kiss but that's kinda cool that they put it in there. Shows A LOT about their direction this season, to me.

- Thoughts of Lois distracting Clark. I shouldn't find that so funny but I do.

- Jor- El quote (I'm gonna start writing these down. Maybe one day I'll make sense of them all): "Until today you had focus. You had cleared your mind and heart of those who had kept you tethered to the human realm."

- I think it's funny that Clark's annoyed that he can't fly. After so many years of him being all "I don't wanna fly!"

- Jor-El: "You still see yourself as a human."

- I canNOT see Mama Kent being ok with Clark giving up his humanity and cutting off all human ties. She'd be the first one on a plane to the Fortress to kick Clark and Jor-El's butt, thankyouverymuch.

- Jor-El: "Perhaps you try to move on to quickly. The test of a true hero is to struggle with feelings of loss and overcome them. Not to avoid them. Something or someone is holding you back."

- Does Lois know Jimmy is dead?

- So what exactly changes Clark's mind about saying goodbye to Lois? Not really clear on that.

- The Zod/his army/Tess thing was interesting but I'm not sure where they're going with it and I wonder if the show does. So, why do we have a younger Zod and his army around? How is that possible? They're not from the Phantom Zone, are they?

- I don't recognize the picture they used of Erica for the Lois Lane missing poster. Photoshopped? Or an unrelased photo?

- The actress playing Alia is just awful. Her mouth is really getting on my nerves.

- I just...I don't agree with Clark cutting off all the people he knows and loves. But I don't know if the show writers think that way. Are we supposed to think Clark is doing the right thing? Cause there's just no way that's gonna happen. And it really disturbs me that Chloe thinks Clark is doing the right thing.

- Heh. I love the Lois & Oliver scenes. Give the double whammy eye candy in one shot.

- So I paused when Clark looked at the two watches. The prop department DID set the cracked watch to one year in the future. Nice job prop department!

- "Because it's the only chance I have to defeat you before you destroy our world." Whose world? Krypton, Kandor, Earth? Clark seems to assume she's talking about Earth.


- I really like the Lois and Oliver talk.

- I'm really proud of Clark for not using the Legion ring to go back and save Jimmy.

- DAMN IT, CHLOE! Don't try and guilt trip Clark. He does that to himself well enough. Why doesn't she go back and tell herself to not be an idiot and go off with Davis?

- Lois' belief in both the Blur and Clark is so damn cute.

- Ok, Lois KNOWS all of Clark's family. So, in theory, she could just call up Martha and be all "why isn't your son at the Planet?"

- "Promise me this is just between us." Is he talking about how he was supposed to disappear but hasn't? The fact that he's talking to her?

- Lois doesn't live at the Talon, damn it! GRRRRRRR!

- Ok, here's what I saw in her flash forward: black building with a symbol (whose symbol is that?) on the flag and a weird red beam coming out, someone lands into the shot silhoutted (looks like it could be Clark) but the symbol on the shirt is not House of El (House of Zod?), Clark/Lois love making (I need to see the lead up before i decide how I feel about this, but ya know, squee?), Tess kneeling before someone (most likely Zod since they're both wearing the Zod army uniform stuff), shot of Alia's back and sword, Ollie digging into the dirt, bloody hands, Chloe running, Chloe dead!, Alia swinging her sword about to strike.


Doing this one all on memory.

- The whole Topher/Saunders thing is messed up. So is Saunders/Boyd. Really, everything related to Saunders(Whiskey) is messed up. Which makes sense, obviously.

- I'm really, really worried about Topher. His expressions this episode plus what happens in Epitaph One are scaring me! BTW, is Epitaph One set in stone? As in, that IS what will happen in the future?

- Ivy? Was HILARIOUS. Loved her and Sierra's scene. So funny.

- Paul was really skirting a line here by using Echo for his own purposes. I know he ultimately has her best interest at heart but he's still just making himself exactly what he hates.

- I like that Adele brought up why Paul asked for November to be let go instead of Echo.

- I feel like a lot of the suspense of this show is gone because I've seen Epitaph One (which I loved). But it's like, if an apocalyptic future is what to expect, then what's the point of finding out the purpose of the Dollhouse's existence?

- OMG Jamie Bamber is so hot. Sad to see his character go.